About NAR

Nebraska Animal Rescue Founder Patty Taylor dedicated her life to the welfare of pets.   Sadly,  she passed away April 22,  2007 to cancer, a loss that is felt across the nation by all that knew her. We at Nebraska Animal Rescue hope that you will take notice of her work, step up to right the wrongs and celebrate the adoration, love and devotion that your pets give you.
Patty  was an avid supporter of spaying and neutering as a way to help control the over population problems of companion animals.  Every day thousands of animals are euthanized in our country simply because they are unwanted.  Nebraska Animal Rescue ( NAR) was her creation and her loving friends are dedicated to keeping her dream alive.

If you would like to help, here is a list of things that can always be used:

Dog/Cat Food
Kitty litter 
Flea Combs 
Q-tips/cotton balls  
Printer Paper 
Prepaid phone cards 
Stainless steel food dishes 
Grooming supplies
Pet shampoo
Flea & tick shampoo
Oatmeal shampoo
Tar shampoo
Frontline Plus or other flea control
Collars (any size)/Leashes (6 foot or flexi-leash)/ Slip leads
Shedding blades/rakes
Trash bags
Old towels & blankets
-OR a donation can be made for the benefit of NAR using the donate button above.

If you have questions on what else may be needed, please
contact Dawn at boxerrescuer@yahoo.com.
Volunteering, Other ways to help......

Nebraska Animal Rescue and the rescue groups and shelters associated with NAR rely on the dedication of volunteers. Listed below are some of the ways that you can help a rescue or shelter in your area.

Foster Home
Home Visits
Special Events Coordinator/Assistant
Adoption/Animal event assistance
Animal transport
Telephone work
Forms (maintaining, editing, printing) coordinator

If you're interested in volunteering, please e-mail boxerrescuer@yahoo.com.